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Books, Plays and Movies by Ephraim Kishon

Important Books

  • Look Back Mrs. Lot: Grins and Groans from the Holy Land, N. Tversky (Tel Aviv), 1960
  • Look Back, Mrs. Lot!, Atheneum, 1961
  • Noah's Ark, Tourist Class, N. Tversky, 1961, Atheneum, 1962
  • The Seasick Whale: An Israeli Abroad, Deutsch, 1965.
  • (With Kariel Gardosh) So Sorry We Won!, Ma'ariv Library (Tel Aviv), 1967
  • Unfair to Goliath, Atheneum, 1968
  • (With Gardosh) Woe to the Victors!, Bloch, 1969
  • Blow Softly Jericho, Atheneum, 1970
  • The Fox in the Chicken-Coop: A Satirical Novel, translation by Jacques Namiel, Bronfman, 1971
  • Wise Guy, Solomon, Atheneum, 1973
  • No Oil, Moses, translation by Miriam Arad, Shikmona Publishing, 1975

Translated from the Hebrew by Yohanan Goldman, except as noted.


Theater Plays

  • His Name Precedes Him
  • Salah Shabati
  • You`re Telling Me
  • Black on White
  • The Poor Man`s Lamb
  • Not a Word to Morgenstern
  • A Cat in the Bag
  • Unplug, the Water is Boiling
  • The Licence aka The Marriage Contract
  • He and She
  • Not A Word to Morgenstern
  • Sallah Shabati
  • Black on White
  • His Friend at Court
  • Oh, Oh Juliet!
  • Unfair to Goliath (Broadway)
  • The Fifth Column



  • Not a Word to Morgenstein
  • Sallah Shabati
  • Ervinka
  • The big Dig
  • The Policeman
  • The Going Up of David Lev
  • The Fox in the Chicken Coop